advising & mentoring


We are JAKIM-certified as well as HRDCorp-registered training provider in Johor that provide Halal Consultation for industry players in local and international market. Our Halal consultation services commenced in 2021 to assist companies working towards obtaining JAKIM Halal certification. We serve wide range of business sectors looking forward to expand the Halal industry.

Our Halal consultation services are professional and based on the guidelines that fully formulated by JAKIM and we provide Halal instructors who are more experienced in the field of Halal Industry.


  1. To help companies obtain JAKIM Halal certificate for their services, premises, or products

  2. To guide companies/client to resolve arising Halal issues/Non-Compliance prior to obtain JAKIM Halal Certificate.

  3. To assist companies for documentation processes and ensure compliance to Malaysia Halal Standard to obtain Halal certification promptly.